FORMER Lusaka Province minister Bowman Lusambo has submitted that a DNA test will be the only sure way to determine the paternity of Mercy Cowham’s four children because he has never engaged in any sexual activity with her.

This is a matter in which Lusambo has sued Cowham in the Lusaka High Court seeking damages for libel, an apology and an order for a DNA test to be conducted on her children to ascertain their paternity.

But in her defence, Cowham insisted that Lusambo indeed fathered four children with her.

She stated that it was true that Lusambo was in an on and off sexual relationship since 2014 and that it only ended in 2021.

However, in an affidavit in support of summons for a paternity visit, filed on March 17, Lusambo submitted that Mercy was a person who was not known to him at all.

“The record will reflect that I did commence an action in the principal registry of the High Court by way of writ of summons and statement of claim against the defendant claiming inter alia an order for a DNA test to be conducted,” he stated.

“I have never been engaged in any form of sexual activity with the defendant, whatsoever. I believe that a DNA test will be the only sure way to determine the paternity of the defendant’s four children.”

He stated that Mercy would not be prejudiced in any way but conversely, the interest of justice will be served.

And in his skeleton arguments, Lusambo denied fathering Mercy’s children, saying he was a responsible citizen and a man of honour who is highly respected in society.

“The plaintiff denies these claims and now requests the indulgence of this court to issue an order that a DNA test be conducted in order to ascertain the true paternity of the said children hence this application. This application is anchored on order 3 rule 2 of the High Court rules chapter 27 of the laws of Zambia. The plaintiff alleges that the defendant’s allegations are incorrect and untrue.
In view of the above, we pray that the court grants our application for an order for a DNA test to be done in the interest of justice. We further pray that costs of and incidental to this application be in the cause,” stated Lusambo.