SINCE Mr Elias Chipimo doesn’t smoke weed, I can only assume that he announced his decision to withdraw from the 2016 presidential race under the influence of madstupidiosis.

I also can’t find that word in the dictionary and maybe it doesn’t even exist, but it sounds like a disease you get after a mad idea creeps into a supper genius and he makes a sudden stupid noise.

And if you were also fooled, like me, into thinking that Mr Elias Chipimo is among the most intelligent politicians in Zambia, be very upset because what has come out of his mouth is nothing short of annoying.

Elias CHIPIMO: “Ladies and gentlemen, what I am about to say today will shake the very foundation of our party.”

Now before I continue, ladies and gentlemen, let me emphasise that Mr Elias Chipimo does not smoke marijuana, so he meant every word in his statement which he titled “Time for Truth”.

CHIPIMO: “I came into politics with one goal in mind: to change the mindset of our nation. But today NAREP is at a crossroads. After five years, our Party has not a single MP. We do not have a single counsellor… In 2016 NAREP will not be fielding a presidential candidate… And here is my warning: do not trust any politician that says they will do anything for you.”

Wait, this is not even a joking matter Mr Elias, forget the money you have wasted because it wasn’t yours in the first place, but do you understand how many people you have inconvenienced?

Personally, the moment I saw that heart on your party logo, I knew you were playing poker with your fans, but there are some innocent people who took you seriously. Like your vice-president for example, what’s his name… uuumm, wait! Did you even have a vice-president?

Look Mr Elias Chipimo, I am just playing with you man, you have disappointed nobody, you have shocked not a single soul, your statement hasn’t even shaken you party’s foundation because it had no foundation to begin with. In fact, there is no way NAREP can be at a cross roads when it hasn’t even moved an inch to find where the road is.

Oh! And your advise about not trusting politicians’ promises, too late buddy, those NAREP members you promised jobs already got that one. They hang around to help you chew the spoils from your illustrious law career.

And where on earth Mr Elias have you heard a party president withdrawing participation, one year before the elections? What money will you make from such a miscalculated move and who will be interested in your endorsement by 2016? Can somebody please give this guy Cosmo Mumba’s number when he recovers from madstupidiosis, he needs help.

You want Time for Truth, Mr Elias Chipimo? Here it is, even as a councilor in 2021, you won’t win, because you are overqualified to lead this country. We love mad politicians who are willing to share their vision on how they will screw our economy. So, welcome to Zambia, the real Zimbabwe!

That’s it for today

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