Mr President, you still hold the Power. When you said you would address the nation at 8pm yesterday, every Zambian set their clocks and came to listen to you speak. Ruling or Opposition.

Every Zambian from Beijing to New York, From Cape to Cairo, From Lusaka to Masaiti. I was in the middle of a presentation and I excused myself for a few minutes to hear you speak. For 16 minutes you had our undivided attention.

Oh if you would only speak to us more often and offer us messages of hope and guidance on where we are going as a country. We long to hear your voice.

More than the invocation of Article 31; I longed to hear you speak about how our Fire Brigade would be revitalized to a position of relevance where they can contain fires in time.

I longed to hear you speak about how you would sit down with insurance firms to increase micro insurance amongst Marketeers.

I longed to hear you speak about how you would have ZESCO set up a team to check other markets that may be prone to fires.

I longed and longed and longed.

My President, you had my vote and you have my support. Please give us guidance on practical measures to prevent such catastrophes. Give us hope. Give us the leadership we desire that we know you can provide. You have our attention. We want to hear you speak on matters that will transform our nation. We need a President that makes us hope for the future of our country and our children.


Bana Farai!