Confusion at City of Lusaka has deepened with Forli Investments general manager Simataa Simataa warning players and coaches against dealing with people masquerading as the City of Lusaka Football Club executive.

The club has been rocked with confusion over recognition wrangles between the Justin Zulu-led executive committee and the developer, with Simataa arguing that the club is run by a company called City of Lusaka PLC and not the Zulu executive.

The Zulu-led executive’s plan of starting preparations for the 2018 season hit a snag on Tuesday as they found Woodlands Stadium closed.

Secretary Damiano Haang’andu said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that they wanted to use the stadium for trials on Tuesday but found it closed.

Haang’andu said efforts to have the stadium opened proved futile and the players went back without training.

“We wanted to start conducting trials but the stadium was closed. There was has been no communication on why the stadium is closed. We tried to communicate but we got no response,” he said.

But Simataa said all the executive members were declared redundant and the club is run by City of Lusaka PLC.

“City of Lusaka is managed like a company, in fact it is run by a company called City of Lusaka PLC which owns everything. If there is any club masquerading as City then we don’t know about it and don’t get me wrong, there is only one City of Lusaka football club which is run by City of Lusaka PLC. Players and coaches should be wary of dealing with unauthorized people,” said Simataa.