The Zambia Squash Association (ZSA) has underscored the importance of the media in promoting the sport in the country.

General Secretary Mwansa Chomba said in an interview in Lusaka that the media has not done enough to enhance a wider audience participation in the sport.

Chomba called on the media in Zambia to take keen interest in promoting the sport with wide coverage.

“We would very much want more media houses to give us coverage and help us elevate squash from the ‘minor’ sport status ” said Chomba.

Chomba bemoaned the low number of clubs participating in the Squash league.

He said the sport has been in existence in the country for a long time and deserves a lo more clubs in the league.

“Our league games are played fortnightly because of few clubs participating. We would like to have them played weekly like it is with football,” he said.

Chomba appealed to the corporate world to support squash.

He, however, said the corporate world can only offer support if sport proves its worthness.

“The corporate world cannot support minor sports in the country if its players do not show commitment by winning local and international games,” he said.

Chomba also appealed to veteran players to groom young players.

“Old players should not feel intimidated by young players as they are their role models. I know a few old players in the squash national team that are afraid of being surpassed or beaten by young players and as such, they stop mentoring them,” he said.

Chomba said it is important to promote the sport in schools adding that the sport will only grow if the grassroots are firm.