Olympafrica Sports Centre has accused government, the media and Lusaka community of having neglected it. The sports centre that has been in existence for nearly 15 years says it receives little attention from government, media or the people surrounding it.

In an interview with Goal Diggers! Centre manager George Goma noted the facility had been the hub of young talent that could be sold or given to senior sport clubs in the country.

“We have football, netball, basketball, hockey, boxing, cricket, tennis and other sports ventures that should be made use of but people have started shunning all that,” bemoaned Goma.

Goma who directed the bigger chunk of blame to the media noted the sports centre could have not been neglected had the media been giving it coverage.

“To tell you the truth I did not expect a media person would visit us and simply see what and how we are managing,” he said.

The overly spacious sports centre came as an initiative whose core mandate was allowing less-privileged children between the age of 6 and 15 years find a sports home that is readily available.

Its policy demands all the children under it should be school-going ones. Goma revealed football, basketball, boxing and netball had been dominant sports activities, and expressed happiness new ones had been embraced too.

“There is a growing interest in our children wanting to play cricket and hockey and they are doing a good job,” said Goma.

Meanwhile, netball and handball coach under it, Bwalya Mwandwe said he was happy he was dealing with a group of talented young sportsmen and women.

“A lot of less-privileged children have been saved by this sports facility from vices that could have ruined their futures and the good thing is that all the children under Olympafrica should be school-going children,” said Mwandwe.