Zambia Amateur Athletic Association ZAAA has applauded a 22 year old mid and long distance runner, Felistus Mpande for exceptional achievements in the three international marathons she competed in.

Speaking to Goal Diggers! ZAAA President Elias Mpondela noted Mpande had brought medals to Zambia and her club at large from a number of local and international competitions.

“She is a dedicated young lady that always challenges herself in all the races we tell her to participate in,” Mpondela said.

The president also expressed hope in Mpande and said she had a brighter future.

“This young lady has so much potential that if nurtured well can make her future even brighter,” praised Mpondela.

Mpande ripped a bronze medal in the 10km Namibia Olympic Day Run marathon that attracted 5 African countries; and another bronze in the Nedbank Zimbabwean marathon in May 2018. In June 2018, Mpande was a gold medalist during the Larfage marathon that saw four Kenyans plant their steps after hers.

The resilient runner finished number 7 in the Zimbabwean Econet marathon that attracted six African countries. She attributed the not so favourable result to a small space of time she was given to rest after the first one. “The two 21km races were only two weeks apart.

I was competing against experienced athletes from as far as Kenya and most people know how good Kenyan athletes are in long distance. Finishing number 7 was a great achievement to me as I had not rested enough,” said Mpande.

The 22 year old also shared her secrets to improving. She said every sport demands discipline and hard work before winning ways are attained.

The athlete also shared her local achievements in athletics that ranged from having been a two times champion in 10km Lets Beat Cancer marathon, to two times gold medalist in the Larfage 10km race. She mentioned she is also the current 800m track and field champion with personal best time of 2 minutes, 7 seconds.

“There are more medals to my name but those are the ones that give me joy when I share with other people. They did not come easy,” attested Mpande.

“My coaches, family and friends have been very supportive and I thank God for them,” Mpande said. She advised upcoming athletes to work hard, be disciplined and at all costs not to try doping adding that it had killed many careers.