Former FAZ executive member Blackwell Siwale has sued the FA demanding compensatory and exemplary damages whilst further demanding that his ban be declared null and void.

Siwale also applied for an injunction restraining Kashala and FAZ from enforcing the ban and interfering with his enjoyment and participating in football related activities.

“You are commanded in the presidents name that within 21 days after the service of this writ on You, inclusive of the day old such service, you do cause an appearance to be enter on you in an action at the suit of Blackwell Siwale; and take note that in default of your so doing the plaintiff may proceed therein and judgement Mayne given in your absence. Witness the Honourable Irene Mambilima, the Chief Justice of Zambia,” read the summon.

“The plaintiff claims for; compensatory damages, Exemplary damages, declaration that the defendant’s decision to ban the plaintiff from any stadia FAZ affiliate is null and void. An order of injunction restraining the defendant whether by itself, agents or servants, from circulating or publishing the said letter containing the words stated in paragraph four herein, from enforcing the said decision of banning the plaintiff and interfering with the plaintiff enjoyment of participating in football activities and entering in any stadia affiliate of FAZ. Any other relief that the court may seem fit and costs.”
FAZ banned Siwale from football related activities for his alleged involvement in circulating confidential documents.

According to FAZ communications manager, Desmond Katongo, Siwale was found guilty of uttering statements with potential to scare away FAZ partners, April last year.

“The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has with immediate effect banned former expelled FAZ Executive Committee member, Mr Blackwell Siwale from all football related activities,” said FAZ in a statement. Following a meeting held by the FAZ Ethics Committee, on Friday April 6, 2018, Chaired by Mr Kephas Katongo, Mr Siwale was found guilty of obtaining and circulating illegally obtained FAZ documents,” Katongo said.

“He has further been found guilty of uttering statements with potential to scare away FAZ partners and potential partners.