With what can only be termed as Kambwili fever the structures on the Copperbelt are falling apart very fast. Since the expulsion of Roan Patriotic Front Member of Parliament Dr Kambwili the Copperbelt patriotic front keep suffering huge blows left right and centre, with what started as one resignation and that of Charles Kabwita, what has followed is simultaneous resignations citing the infiltration of MMD in PF. Today Wusakili constituency lost 15 officials to what seams to be the Kambwili faction.

The patriotic front continue to suffer huge blows to their organisational structures since the expulsion of Dr Kambwili, it’s not secret that the Roan MP commands a huge following in all PF strongholds, despite state machinery and propaganda teams assembled by Sunday Chanda it seams the Kambwili loyalist are really leaving with him and this leaves the patriotic front vulnerable. Most political analysts had foreseen a abit of a shake up but currently what is transpiring on the ground is a massive shock and a testament to the popularity enjoyed by Dr Kambwili, who most consider to be “the new Sata” as he is famously referred to as Jr King Kobra.

The growing resignations on the Copperbelt are set to spread to all PF strongholds as those resigning have a clear message for President Edgar Lungu, from the look of things the grassroots feel betrayed by their president and they equally feel he has betrayed the legacy of Micheal Chilufya Sata. If that is anything to go by then 2021 will be excruciating for PF and UPND will take their shot at statehouse, notwithstanding the fact that PF do not really have anyone apart from the president who can get their hands dirty during campaigns and actually garner votes, during the last election despite ministers having the luxury of government expenses, none of them came out like Chishimba Kambwili.

Copperbelt observer