Date My Family Zambia has been rocked with scandals after the show’s continued use of ‘fake participants’ on the reality television.

The show which is about young singletons using the television series to find their match with the help of their family and friends has become very popular, but scandals have taken a fair share of the dating business.

Frankly, the producers of the reality TV show Media 365 have failed to adhere to production values and guidelines.

The scandals have somehow compromised the integrity of the show after revelations that several couples who have appeared on the show are people already known to each, and in some cases, already dating, but pretend to be strangers, single and ready to mingle.

The revelations are being made by viewers who have started pointing out, using social media platforms, to expose the fake participants.

From the onset, most of the contestants, if not all, were already established in romantic relationships, a discovery that has annoyed the TV show viewers.

Multichoice Zambia had to issue a statement, promising that they would be more strict to ensure participants are not trying to stage a fake date.

“Much like other reality shows the world over, participants on Date My Family Zambia are vetted in order to ensure the rules and regulations are met while delivering the entertainment value our viewers expect in their television downtime,” said Multichoice Zambia in a statement.

“For this purpose, our show producers rely heavily on the honesty of the applicants and full disclosure thereof. However, due to misrepresentation by several participants of recent episodes, we have endeavoured to ensure a stricter vetting process so that our valued DStv customers can continue to enjoy an authentic entertainment experience with real honest conversations.”

Let’s face it, all dates eventually turn out to be fake if you ask me, so this doesn’t bother me at all. Maybe Multichoice should just change the name of the TV show to “Fake my Date Zambia”. Bye!