Gospel artiste Miyoba Mweene is set to release her anticipated hit single Ng’ang’a Nati Gigo this Easter.
Her latest single is a build up to her album set for release this year.

Her new single Neo Ng’ang’a Nati Gigo is an indigenous song with lyrics in Nyanja, the song encourages children to respect and honour their parents.

“Even the Bible puts it, honour your father and your mother so that your days maybe long” all that is catered for in the music. The devil has taken a deliberate stance in seeing that we all perish with him…he knows he will be lonely in hell hence he needs company…so we are his target,”said Miyoba.

Miyoba a fourth year music student at Rusangu University describes her composition as a fusion of jazz and country music, and says she sings as a way to give back to God and to inspire others.

“What inspires me to sing is the beauty of my voice, its a way of self expression, to educate, motivate others. I sing to give back to God for the gift of music He embedded in me. What makes my music different is the delivery, emotions attached to it and the context of application. I sing music that speaks to me first before reaching out,” said Miyoba.

Ng’ang’a Nati Gigo is her first single of 2018.