Zambia’s High Commissioner to Australia Frank Bwalya says he is happy that he has finally married a woman he loves.

Bwalya, a former Catholic priest, wedded Joyce Nkunika of Kitwe at lavish ceremony in Lusaka on Saturday.

“Thanks to everyone for coming to this event, allow me to simply say we are overjoyed. We have been instructed on how to make it work. But one example that has struck my mind, came from a very simple person I met. This young man when I said to him ‘I want to marry can you advise me’, he said ‘bakamba namu mona ba PF bale lufyanya, but 2021 tukaba votela, uku konse tukashibata bakamba tuka lolesha fye pa misebo na infrastructure (big man, you have seen that the PF has messed up but in 2021, we shall vote for them again. We shall close our eyes to everything else and look only at the roads and infrastructure),”Bwalya said during the wedding reception held at Mika Convention Centre.

“But then I said ‘mule eba ati bale lufyanya (you are telling me they are messing up?)’, and he said ‘bakamba takwaba ushi lufyanya na abobene bale eba bakesa filungisha bufi. Bakamba kulolesha fye pamisebo na infrastructure. Bakamaba uleku pela imisebo na infrastructure ninshi alikwata vision pantu takwaba economy inga bomba ukwabula ifi fintu (There is no one who doesn’t make mistakes, we shall only consider the roads and infrastructure. Even those people who say they’ll come and fix the economy are just lying. The one who gives you roads and infrastructure has a vision because the economy cannot work without those things)’. And I said to him you’re being political, me I am a civil servant, what are you trying to say? Then he said ahh bakamba kalya kene eko mwa mwene muli madam eko mukaleloshe shapo fye bakamba (the same thing which you loved about your wife is what you must always focus on).”

Bwalya also asked Zambians to pray for President Edgar Lungu.

“So we have been instructed and we are very grateful that you came to make our day and I know His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is with us in spirit. He would have liked to be here because his one of those who liked to tease me that I should get married. And as you know that office is not easy, we should pray for him, he is in a hurry to develop this country,” said Bwalya.

Mines Minister Richard Musukwa, Catholic nuns, PF deputy-secretary General Mumbi Phiri and various government and PF functionaries were in attendance.

Meanwhile, Defence Minister Davies Chama, who was guest of honour, urged the newlyweds to cherish love in their marriage.