Modern Simabambaya has a new house, new car and new career since his life “changed big time overnight” by winning BIG with betPawa.

The Livingstone resident won K91,673.77 from a K3 bet in December and then bet K1,000 and won K263,969.85 soon after for total winnings of K355,643.62. Both bets had 30 legs to secure a 250% win bonus. betPawa offer the best win bonus in Zambia for all bets with three legs or more.

He explained: “Prior to that, I was just renting and there is nothing as bad as renting. Sometimes you have the money, sometimes you don’t. I am owning a house and car for the first time in my life and all because of betPawa. I am who I am today because of you. Thank you betPawa.

“I started a business of exporting maize bran to Botswana. Also I bought 30 goats in the village. I’m surprised how life can be this drastic. From betting small to winning BIG and now living BIG.

“Every time I see the logo for betPawa, I smile. betPawa has given me financial freedom. I used to struggle before these winnings. I was in debt most of the time. Now I’m able to help the people who used to help me before and many others. Isn’t this marvelous? I am experiencing that good feeling you need to have as a man, being able to sort out things as they come. I am that man.

“This has transformed many lives, not just mine. I come from a huge family. And family in Africa is not just mother, father, brothers or sisters. We also have extended families. I was able to provide mealie meals to my village every week for over a month. This gives me good sleep at night knowing someone out there is wearing a smile I provided.”

With the football season restarting, you too could bet small from K0.01 and win BIG like Modern with betPawa’s 250% win bonus.

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