A couple years ago a meme was making the rounds which had a man utter such precious and timely words, “tough times never last.” It is something I tend to repeat to myself when I am going through what I deem to be a challenging moment.

The most unfortunate or difficult thing to come to terms with is that in some cases, tough times do last. You could get into a car accident that permanently impacts your ability to work. You could have been diagnosed with a debilitating illness from birth that cannot go away. Sometimes it could be praying for a child for years with almost no hope in sight.

There is another saying that I have heard which I find relatively true which is, “life is hard and then you die.” So many people have witnessed this as part of the lives they have lived. Never really getting to taste the relief of happiness. However, for so many of us we can speak of too many instances of joy unspeakable where all we could exclaim was “Yes God is good!”

It is however on the former situation, the ones of the hopeless that are experiencing lasting tough times that the charlatans (commonly known as prophets) prey upon. They give themselves illustrious titles to show their elevated power levels and create alluring posters where they inform those poor in spirit that they are the messiah – a savior from all problems and satan’s arch nemesis.

The worst part of this is that so many fall prey. We blame them but the bigger problem is that they have been sold a false gospel. “By His stripes you are healed” is a common verse used and with Hollywood style camera crews they flaunt their skills – marketing themselves enough to get more desperate individuals to believe that they have more super powers than the next guy. But again, this is not the gospel.

Christ came for the sick. He came for the poor. But he also came for the healthy and the rich. The common problem that these have is that they are all in need of His saving mercy. He died that you may have life abundant. Being given a new heart, one that has the righteousness of Christ.

This Easter, remember that if Christ offered wealth, He would have offered that when He was on earth. If He offered health, He would have picked himself from the Cross. But He offered salvation and that’s why He died for your sins.

So please leave the papas and prophets and seers alone. Stop putting your hope in men who pretend to put their hope in God. Put your hope in God for your salvation. If He rescues you from your infirmity, that is an added bonus that we will praise God with you for.