NGOCC has challenged President Edgar Lungu to clearly state his position regarding PF secretary general Davies Mwila’s directive that PF cadres must share land amongst them and take over bus stations.

In a statement released today January 20, 2017, NGOCC board chairperson Engwase Mwale urged police to arrest Mwila for inciting violence towards political opponents and for promoting lawlessness.

“We challenge President Edgar Lungu to clarify the position of the party with regard to the directive by Mr Mwila. In addition we herein demand for appropriate action to be taken against Mr Mwila for his undemocratic statement that goes against the aspirations of the Zambian citizens – issues of equity and equality in access to national resources,” Mwale stated.

Mwale stated that Mwila’s was criminal.

“The directive by Mr. Mwila is not only irresponsible but criminal and in gross disregard of the law by a very senior party official of the ruling party. The directive confirms that the lawlessnes being witnessed in Lusaka and other parts of the country where cadres are grabbing and selling land has the blessing of the top leadership of the ruling party,” she stated.

“And to suggest that PF councilors and members should first share the land available before advertising to the public is sheer selfishness. It is unfortunate that Mr Mwila, the chief executive officer of the ruling party is promoting politics of personal benefits. Mr Mwila’s instructions undermine the rule of law and the role of the local authorities and the police service.”

Mwale noted that such utterances could plunge the country into civil unrest.

“Such directives have the potential to plunge the country into chaos and civil unrest which by large have negative repercussions on the most vulnerable and marginalised in society – the women and children,” she stated.

“As an organisation we are deeply concerned with Mr Mwila’s utterances because when land is illegally distributed to political cadres, it takes away the opportunity for women to benefit from land. When bus stations are run by political cadres, women become major victims of gender based violence and crime. When the police who are charged with the responsibility of maintaining law and order are stripped off their power, women are at a greater risk of being affected by the rise in crime that will spring from that.”

Mwale advised the PF to be promoting the rule of law and not anarchy.

She further called up the Anti-Corruption Commission to institute investigations into land allocation by local authorities especially in councils controlled by the PF leadership given Mwila’s revelations.

On Tuesday January 17, 2017, Mwila met PF officials in Kabwe and told them that they had the power to share land amongst themselves before advertising the rest.

Mwila also castigated them for failing to take over the running of bus stations in the town saying it was unacceptable to have UPND cadres ‘in charge’.