LEWIS Mosho must change his approach and be more professional in his work, say Post Newspapers Limited Staff.

On Sunday, January 22, 2017, Mosho, who is the provisional liquidator of Post Newspapers Limited, issued a statement threatening that those “hiding” company assets would be prosecuted.

“The office of the Provisional Liquidator announces that it will in the next few days commence criminal proceedings against persons who have continued to hide the assets of the company. Concealing these assets amounts to fraud on creditors and constitutes an offence under the Laws of Zambia,” stated Mosho.

“Assets such as motor vehicles being held by employees are required to be surrendered for accountability purposes and shall be taken into account when assessing what is due to the affected employees. All employees must thus register their claims so that the claims are taken into account when assessing payment to employees who are still holding vehicles.”

But in a statement issued by their representative Oliver Chisenga yesterday, January 23, 2017, Post Staff stated that they would hold on to company vehicles until they were paid their dues.

“We have been subjected to endless defamation by the provisional liquidator of Post Newspaper Limited Mr Lewis Mosho. For a long time, we opted to remain silent hoping he would stop. We are not crooks or criminals. When it comes to issues of integrity, Mr Mosho cannot compare himself to us. While he has cases in the courts of law questioning his integrity, we have none. As a liquidator of other entities, Mr Mosho is facing accountability litigation. It should not be forgotten that The Post exposed Mr Mosho’s dealings,” Post Staff stated.

“There is no Post employee who is trying to steal motor vehicles from the company. They have decided to hold on to these motor vehicles, as is normal practice in this country, until their benefits are paid. There are many former government employees at all levels still holding on to government motor vehicles, other property and housing waiting for their benefits to be paid. Our police camps have many retired officers still holding on to government accommodation until their benefits are paid. We will also hold on to these motor vehicles until Mr Mosho pays us what is due to us.”

They challenged Mosho to order their arrest if holding on to Post vehicles during this period was theft.

“This is not theft. If this is theft, let the police officers working with him, those he has hired to become liquidation officers, come and arrest us and take us to court. We know Mr Mosho is working with state agencies on a private or civil matter but this should not give him the right to malign us, insult us every day.

We are asking him to change his approach and be more professional in his work. Maligning us is not part of the duties of the liquidator, let alone a provisional one. Let there be decency and decorum in this whole undertaking. There are many things that have been done in a wrong way so far. But there should be limits in how low this should go,” stated Post Staff.