VERTERAN politician Vernon Mwaanga says journalists must emulate commercial radio pioneer Errol Hickey.

Speaking on Radio Phoenix’s Let the People Talk, Mwaanga, who worked closely with Hickey when he served as Editor-in-Chief of Times Newspaper, said the latter had a big heart.

“Hickey deeply cared for the underprivileged in his own way and he contributed immensely to the uplifting of the standards of every Zambian, he believed in freedom of expression and so he gave us the ‘Let the People Talk’ platform. I can only ask you guys who are remaining at Radio Phoenix to please emulate and defend the legacy of Errol Hickey and that will make his soul to rest in peace,” said Mwaanga.

And People’s Party leader Mike Mulongoti, who featured on the same programme with Mwaanga said it was important to honour people whilst they were still alive.

“Looking at the life of Errol Hickey, I honestly think that we should begin to appreciate people when they are still alive, let us not wait for someone to die before we can show them solidarity, moral or financial support. Let us give credit where it’s due,” Mulongoti said.

Mulongoti noted that Hickey had immensely contributed to the strengthening of freedom of speech.

“Errol Hickey is one of the people who have contributed so much for this country. In as far as freedom of speech is concerned, I personally have used Radio Phoenix the time I was Minister of Information and this platform in particular to express my different views both the time I was in government and this time when I am in opposition. This man has left a legacy that will be able to stand a test of time,” said Mulongoti.