Lusaka Police Commissioner Nelson Phiri says police are still investigating a claim from a female police officer that President Edgar Lungu’s political advisor, Kaizar Zulu assaulted her.

In an interview, Phiri said Police had not dismissed the complaint filed by Jacqueline Nkulukusa over the scuffle she was allegedly involved in with the President’s top advisor and a CAF officials at Hero’s Stadium.

“It is not true information that we have dropped the case. The matter is still under investigation,” Phiri said.

And Phiri said police have taken long to act on the report because they were still gathering evidence, adding that Nkulukusa delayed to obtain a medical report.

He was reacting to a statement from the Human Rights Commission (HRC), who feared that delays in acting on the matter was compounding beliefs that there was selective application of the law in Zambia.

Asked why police had not issued a public statement announcing that the command was probing the mater, Phiri said it was not necessary.

“What statement should we issue? This is an assault case isn’t it? What statement should we issue because I have told you we are investigating the matter, we were trying to the gather the evidence that is required, because even the medical report, she brought in the medical report yesterday, now how do we proceed with the assault case without a medical report,” Phiri asked.

On the HRCs observation about the selective application of the law, Phiri said; “Wow, I don’t know, that is their opinion, that is their opinion, whether wrong or right I can’t comment on their statement.”