Fuel attendants stopped a police Constable from shooting Mazabuka UPND member of parliament Garry Nkombo, following an altercation at a filling station.

The incident happened in the wee hours of Sunday (March 26, 2017) as Nkombo and his wife were returning home from attending a wedding.

A witness narrated to News Diggers! that the couple stopped over at Petroda service station in Lilayi area.

“They stopped over just after midnight to put fuel. Mr Nkombo’s wife was driving a black 4X4. As soon as they stopped, this officer, Ngoma who guards the ZANACO ATM came and demanded to search their car,” the witness narrated.

“Ba Nkombo refused and told him to get away. The officer started threatening them, saying he had the right to search any vehicle. So at this point Mr Nkombo got angry because he noticed that his wife was getting scared by the officer. So he came out of the car and ba [officer] Ngoma grabbed him, started pushing him around. This angered Nkombo who wrestled him back.

A police officer threatens to fire at Nkombo and wife

The witness said officer Ngoma then cocked his AK47 rifle and aimed it at Nkombo and his wife, ready to fire.

“The officer was still charging at Mr Nkombo, but this time he raised the gun and threatened to shoot Nkombo if he resisted being searched. He was not saying why he wanted to search the vehicle, he was just saying it was his duty to search any vehicle,” narrated the witness.

“Mr Nkombo’s wife was really scared and she was begging the Honourable to leave the officer because the man wanted to take on the armed officer, but we tried to help separate them.”

When contacted, Nkombo said the officer was drunk.

“My wife and I were going home in Chilanga from a wedding. My wife was driving and she stopped to put gas in the car at Petroda Lilayi. After we stopped, a drunken policeman forcefully demanded to search our car. It was around midnight, he threatened to shoot at me and he cocked his AK 47 and aimed,” narrated Nkombo.

In this video, the officer is seen aiming his weapon at the member of parliament and demanding to search his car.