Anyone who does not recognize Edgar Lungu as Head of State will face treason charges, Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo has warned.

And Kampyongo says UPND officials will not be allowed to enjoy their freedom of assembly until they “sober up”.

Meanwhile, Kampyongo says he will ensure that undisciplined officers are dealt with.

Speaking at a PF interactive forum at Chrisma Hotel today, Kampyongo said he would not allow a bunch of “little people with money” to hijack government.

“Now, I want to make it very clear that enough is enough. To try and masquerade as another president is a treasonable offence. So anyone this time around who can’t recognize that the President of the Republic of Zambia who has been acknowledged world over, and who has represented the nation even in the highest organ of the United Nations is in charge, this is the time to show that we are in charge,” Kampyongo, who is also PF national youth chairman, warned.
“And those that are being misled must take heed because now, we are not going to play. We need to let the country run, and the people of Zambia to be served. We cannot be hijacked by few little individuals who think by the little money they have lined up in their pockets, they can hijack and undermine the governance of this nation. We are in charge and the President is totally in control.”

And Kampyongo said UNPD officials would not be allowed to enjoy their freedom of assembly until they sobered up.

“So that brings me to the issue of those that wanted to have a rally today. We don’t want to court anarchy. Let’s imagine someone goes to stand on a podium and says ‘I don’t recognize President Edgar Lungu’. How many people voted for President Edgar Lungu? Are they going to sit and watch? They are bound to react and so as a responsible government, we are not going to allow that. We shall give time to our colleagues to sober up,” he said.

“When they sober-up and realise that there is only one President, then they can enjoy other rights. And there are no absolute rights, so anyone who dares the police, they will have themselves to blame. And we don’t look at the volume or the size of the body of someone; everybody is equal before the law. So those of you who are closer with them, go and tell them that Kampyongo has said ‘this time, it’s to go by the law and anyone who breaks it will be dealt with firmly, fairly but decisive’.”

Kampyongo observed that the matters which the UPND currently had before the courts of law had nothing to do with President Lungu’s legitimacy.

“And the matters that are in court are not against these people being in office, it’s about people claiming not to have been heard. So coming to these people who have continued, and today is a classic example, you cannot on one hand fail to recognize the authorities and then on the other hand you go to the authorities and say ‘I want to exercise my freedom to express myself’. How does that work? Police work under the Commander-in-Chief…and the spirit of separation of power is very clear,” Kampyongo said .

Meanwhile, Kampyongo warned that undisciplined officers would be dealt with.

He was commenting on videos which had gone viral on social media showing drunk officers on duty.

“When you wear a uniform, your conduct both on duty and off duty must be exemplary. I will not take kindly to undisciplined officers,” said Kampyongo.

Kampyongo further warned against harassment of journalists saying it was a primitive way to handle issues as it showed weakness.

Kampyongo also warned those intending to cause havoc at the Kumboka Ceremony, saying disorder would not be tolerated.