In this Audio, UPND vice-president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba explains that there was a traffic jam on the road to Limulunga on Sunday and it was not only UPND vehicles which did not stop when sirens went off.

GBM also says his party is ready to dialogue with President Edgar Lungu to find solutions to the people’s suffering.

GBM told journalists in Kitwe after appearing for a court case today that after realizing that Hakainde Hichilema’s entourage was also in the long queue of cars, police tried to bump off his car.

He insists that his party was not aware that President Lungu was in that entourage because they saw him getting on the Nalikwanda.

Before, he could finish responding to queries, some police officers interrupted and asked him to move away from the court premises but he insisted on finishing the interview.

Take a listen.