PF lawyer and politician Kelvin Bwalya Fube has sued the Law Association of Zambia demanding that the association must adopt his proposed procedure for the impeachment of the association’s executive.

According to a circular dated April 27 sent to LAZ members, association vice-president Eddie Mwitwa, announced that KBF and others are asking the court to postpone the Extraordinary Annual General meeting.

Mwitwa added that hearing in the matter is taking place today, but stressed that in the absence of a legal requirement for the EGM to be postponed, the meeting is expected to go ahead as scheduled tomorrow.

“The council of LAZ has received the attached originating summons and the affidavit in support thereof in which Mr Kelvin Bwalya Fube and others have sued LAZ over the procedure to be followed at the EGM scheduled for Saturday 29th April 2017,” Mwitwa stated.

“The relief being claimed in the said action is the following: 1. That the time for the commencement of the EGM be changed from 08:00 hours to 11:00 hours. 2. That the notice of the EGM be amended by providing for the registration of members attending in person and any proxies carried to the meeting; 3 that the respondent issues proxies to members who are unable to attend the meeting at least five days before the meeting; 4 That the EGM elects a chairperson from amongst the members of the association to preside over the debate of the motion for a vote of no confidence; 5 That the vote to determine the resolution be conducted by a poll presided over by the Law Association of Zambia Electoral Committee in substantial conformity with the LAZ electoral rules; 6 That the result of the poll binds the association and the members of the council to the extent that if the motion is carried, the members of council are obliged to resign; 7 That in default of any written rules, the meeting regulates its own procedures and 8 Any further relief that the court may seem fit.”

He added: “The matter in court will be heard on Friday 28th April 2017 at 09:00 hours. Please take note that there being no legal requirement for the EGM to be postponed, the EGM will go ahead as scheduled.”