In this one-minute video, Mutinta Hichilema’s lawyer Chad Muleza tells the media that officers at Woodlands Police Station have refused to record an aggravated robbery complaint from the former saying they have to consult their seniors.

Mutinta, who is UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s wife, had gone to the police station to lodge an official complaint against police officers who raided her house on April 10 and broke several household goods.

Mutinta also complained that the officers stole some food and shoes.

But in this video, supplied to News Diggers! by the UPND media team, Muleza laments that police officers have refused to record the complaint.

He notes that Mutinta has the right, like any other citizen, to take a complaint to police.

On April 10, police raided HH’s New Kasama house, broke in and tortured one of the workers to show them where the opposition UPND leader was hiding before they smoked him out of a strong room.