The PF has chosen to crucify us with a 75 per cent Zesco tariff hike because the President whom we can complain to is in the forefront of saying ‘this is non negotiable, says Jeff, a Zesco customer from Garden compound.

In this audio, Zesco customers, mostly from high density residential areas poured their hearts out to Zesco through a live phone-in Prgramme on Millennium Radio, lamenting the approved 75 per cent electricity tariff hike.

The Energy Regulation Board yesterday authorised the utility to hike tariffs by 50 per cent on Monday next week and an additional 25 per cent on September 1, 2017.

But the consumers said this was tantamount to murdering citizens whose incomes was going down due to harsh economic times.

A caller who identified himself as Jeff regretted the fact that President Edgar Lungu showed no concern over the imminent suffering of the people.

“Apa mavuto tili nayo. We know that even if we complain nothing will be done because we saw on Labour Day; the boss whom we can cry to is the one who was saying ‘its non negotiable’. So where will we cry to? So even if the ERB called for consultations and submissions, we knew that this matter is not going anywhere because the President is saying ‘its non negotiable’”, said Jeff.

“Even rape (vegetable) will go up, traders will say ‘malaiti yakwela”. These are problems we are going into now.”

Simon called from Chalala saying: “Uuuumm my brother this is torture. 75 per cent increment? Is that normal? My brother this is mental torture. The government is torturing us mentally so that we can learn a lesson.”

“Even if we complain, I am sure they have already decided. Go round and see how people are suffering. People are suffering in Zambia terribly. This 75 per cent increase is too much because salaries are still the same. Salaries, they increase by 10 per cent but Zesco is increasing by 75, almost 100 per cent… this is a disaster. Even glocerries will go up and the poor person is really in trouble,” said Kennedy who called in from Chilanga:

Naphtali Banda said: “We are just from complaining about load-shedding. When we are just beginning to smell the feeling of having electricity the whole day, yabwela inangu ntambo pamukosi yagwila!
The shop owners will take advantage of this and increase the price of everything including Colgate.”

Listen to the rest of the callers’ complains: