Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General Davies Mwila has told party officials in Northern Province to make sacrifices for the party because that is what made it successful.

This is according to a statement issued by PF media director Sunday Chanda.

Mwila reminded the provincial leadership that during Michael Sata’s time, people made personal sacrifices to make their campaigns effective.

“When we were adopted as MPs, late President Michael Sata would only hand you the certificate of adoption and Presidential posters and the rest was determined by personal sacrifice. That is the spirit we must never divorce ourselves from,” Mwila said when he addressed the Northern Province PF executive committee today.

“I want to remind all the leaders in the province that we must go back to the days of sacrifice because that is what made the party.”

Mwila also emphasised President Edgar Lungu’s call for civil servants avoid involving themselves in politics and to understand the party manifesto.

“Let me also re-echo President Edgar Lungu’s directive to civil servants to understand the Party manifesto. All civil servant getting involved in political activities must settle for one thing,” he said.

“I want to ask provincial party leaders to submit a list of Cabinet Ministers not paying courtesy calls on party structures when in the Province. The position remains that all ministers must visit Party structures.”

Mwila also took time to listen to the party’s concerns and also checked on mobilization and recruitment of members.

Mwila, who was accompanied by State House Minister Freedom Sikazwe, and some members of the PF central committee such as Alfreda Kasembe, Yamfwa Mukanga, and Musonda Mpakata, called for unity and discipline in the party.

And speaking during the same meeting, Sikazwe urged PF members to unite and respect the provincial leadership.

“I have been Provincial Minister in Northern Province and I understand the challenges and what we must focus on to grow the party,” said Sikazwe.

Meanwhile, Mukanga, who is former Works and Supply Minister, challenged the Province to become more organized and not allow the opposition to penetrate.