In this audio, FDD spokesperson Antonio Mwanza says calls to withdraw donor aid because of UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema are irresponsible and misplaced.

Last week, HH’s alliance partners appealed to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) not to fund “illegalities and people who will use their resources recklessly”.

Nevers Mumba, Mike Mulongoti and Charles Milupi of MMD, People’s Party and Alliance for Democracy and Development respectively, were speaking at a joint press briefing HH was transferred from Lusaka Central Prison to Mukobeko Maximum Security Prison in Kabwe.

“We also appeal to the IMF and the World Bank in their effort to help us as they come to this country in July or whenever, we asking them not only to listen to the government. Come and talk to us as opposition leaders and listen to us on the issues of governance so that they can feel the pain and anguish of the Zambian people. Don’t fund illegalities and people that are going to use that money on their personal trips outside this country and we have never a President who travels as much as this President,” said Mumba.

But Mwanza said their demands were misplaced because the poor who would suffer the most if aid was withdrawn.

“The withdrawal of donor aid will not affect President Edgar Lungu or his cohorts, it will affect the very poor people Mr Mulongoti, Mr Mumba and Mr Milupi are claiming to represent. The matter of HH is before our courts of law and my earnest appeal is that let us allow the due process of the law to take its course. It will not help our people to be agitating for the withdrawal of foreign aid to Zambia, in fact it is irresponsible, outrageous and immoral for any leader to be pushing for that because only the poor and not Edgar Lungu shall suffer the consequences. Mr Mumba, Mr Mulongoti and Mr Milupi are well off and they won’t feel anything even if donors withdraw their support to Zambia,” said Mwanza.

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