Indian university gives Zambia 150 scholarships

One of India’s leading private Universities, Shimla, has given Zambia 150 scholarships.

According to a statement issued by Zambia’s first secretary for press and public relations to India Bangwe Naviley, Shimla University Director Admissions Dr Ajit Nedungadi said 50 are 100 percent scholarships while 100 are 50 percent.

Dr Nedungadi said the scholarships were specifically for tuition fees while students would cater for their own air tickets, accommodation and state government administrative costs, all estimated at $1500 per year.

He said the scholarships were in the fields of engineering, management, fashion design, hospitality, law, journalism, architecture, and applied sciences.

Dr Nedungadi announced this when he called on Zambia’s High Commissioner to India Judith Kapijimpanga at her residence in New Delhi, India.

And Ambassaodr Kapijimpanga hailed the Indian government and Shimla University for providing a conducive environment to support Zambian students.

She said the Zambian Mission in New Delhi would consult with the Ministry of Higher Education in Lusaka to ensure that the most vulnerable students benefited from the scholarships.

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Zambia First
Zambia First

Malabishi bati. Why would a normal parent send his/her kids for school in India, where black people are treated like dogs. Black people/students in India can’t even walk freely in the streets without them being harassed. Yet, the mwenye is treated like some God in our own Zambian streets… Its about time, Zambia and the Africa as a whole implemented the “Ugandan Amini polices” Mwenye out! I wonder why successful Zambian governments continue giving these Indian contracts as investors… An Indian should be the last investor we contract, for they care-non about improving the welfare of a place or area… Read more »

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