Office of the First Republican President Administrator Rodrick Ngolo says Dr Kenneth Kaunda is still strong and far from being critical.

In an interview with News Diggers today, Ngolo dispelled rumors that Dr Kaunda had died or that he was in a very critical condition.

“Yes he was hospitalized, otherwise considering his advanced age, he complained of body pains and so we didn’t want to take any chances, so we took him to the hospital. Otherwise if it was any ordinary circumstances, he would have been an ordinary out-patient. Otherwise he is doing well, there is no need for concern although we have heard in the social media they are posting stories. That is 100 percent a lie. Otherwise he is far from being critical,” said Ngolo.

“So inform those alarmists that the big man KK is still strong. Otherwise he is just admitted for those minor complaints. Yes he is still in hospital because they didn’t finish carrying out the tests. They still have to finish carrying out all the tests. That is when they can release him and prescribe some medication.”

Dr Kenneth Kaunda was admitted at UTH on Tuesday evening.