The Patriotic Front Central Committee, chaired by President Edgar Lungu, has expelled outspoken Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili.

The former information minister confirmed the development to News Diggers! in an interview.

“It is true, I moved out of the meeting because it was a kangaroo court and I don’t support illegalities. How can I be in a meeting where, they want to charge you, the same Central Committee, they listen to you, they get evidence and they sentence you? How? You can’t be accuser, judge and jury at the same time, it doesn’t go that way the whole world. There must be somebody to charge somebody, an independent body to charge somebody and then it goes to an independent body that is going to mete out the punishment,” said Kambwili.

“You go to a meeting they say its a reconciliatory meeting, when you go there, there is nothing else spoken, they just say ‘Honourable Kambwili has been campaigning to be president, he must be expelled, because whoever is going to play with Lungu in 2021, tufwile ukubanyantya (we must step on them). So ba President nga twaamba ukuchena abantu (when we start hurting people), don’t set the police on us, all we want is expulsion’. Another person stands, same story; they were planted, about seven, eight of them, and then they say ‘Central Committee will now charge you, verbally you answer back and then we mete out the punishment’, I said ah ah ah, that is unprofessional. That is illegal and I will not stand in a Kangaroo court, that’s when I left. And When I left, they decided to expel me. Already they had already decided and said it was expulsion and nothing else.”

He complained that Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo, Lands Minister Jean Kapata, Presidential Affairs Minister Freedom Sikazwe and several others ganged up against him.

“Where a Minister of Home affairs eulelanda ati; tuli nokutampa ukucena abantu (is the one saying we about to start hurting people), Presidential affairs minister saying tuli nokutampa ukupuma abanthu (we are about to start beating people), Provincial chairman for Central Province, Jean Kapata, Provincial chairman for Luapula, saying tukala chena abantu, ba president nga twakoma abantu aikona ukutuma ba police, (we will be hurting people, when we do, Mr President don’t set the police on us)’ what a shame!” said Kambwili.

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