SACCORD Executive Director Boniface Chembe says there is need to take the country off the political path in order to focus on the national agenda of delivering development.

In an interview with News Diggers! Chembe said declaring President Edgar Lungu as the PF’s candidate in the next general election, four years prior, was not necessary.

“There’s need to depoliticise the country right now, we should focus more on the developmental agenda of the country. Our view is that the pronouncements being made that President Edgar Lungu is the sole candidate, four years before the elections, only seeks to continue the country be in an election mood,” Chembe observed.

“When the country is in an election mood, it is a bit difficult to focus on a common vision that needs to be undertaken to achieve what is desirable for the people. We fear that the pronouncement may just be a distraction on the nation in as far as the national agenda is concerned.”

Chembe advised government to focus on developmental programs unlike making statements that do not have a developmental agenda for the nation.

“As a ruling Party, they need to focus on the developmental agenda of the nation. There’s a good plan in the 7th National Development Plan which needs to be implemented and we feel if a lot more energy was focused on addressing the needs of the people. That is what will satisfy the needs of the people. As a ruling party and government they have the responsibility of ensuring that they meet the need of the people so that everybody in this country is given an opportunity to fulfill their life potential,” said Chembe.