The looting going on in the PF government will make the Frederick Chiluba plunder child’s play, says Brebner Changala.

And Changala says he has differed with his good friend Rupiah Banda because of the former president’s interference in the PF government.

Meanwhile, Changala says it’s shameful for the PF to expect everyone who supported the ruling party in the first place to shut up and put their brains on recess while witnessing injustice.

In a Facebook post yesterday, Changala observed that lack of critical checks and balances had made looting in the PF rife.

“For the record, the looting in the PF administration will make the Chiluba plunder cases a children’s picnic or clearly put, a walk in the park. Mark my words my dear brethren. What has caused all this? Lack of critical checks and balances. Lack of critical voice and the press. We are glorifying and hero worshipping our elected servants to the detriment of our cherished democracy and development. The truth be told, there is more money in political arena than in competitive business setting. Business men in Zambia are stone broke and a politician is liquid and full of all smiles,” Changala stated.

And Changala stated that he had differed with RB because he was uncomfortable with his role as “godfather of the PF”.
“I’m a great friend of RB, former President of Zambia. In recent months and days, we respectively have differences on his total interference in the PF as a government in power. I’m uncomfortable with his dominant role to the exclusion of the genuine membership of PF. I’m totally uncomfortable with his role as a godfather of PF. Because the truth is, he’s not but a visitor in PF. The God father of PF is no other than the late Michael Chilufya Sata,” he said.

He also observed that the PF lacked administrative confidence.

“We all know that HH has not committed any treasonous crime against the people of Zambia. He has only committed a crime of refusing to accept defeat. And this crime is against President Lungu and not against the people of Zambia. What we are experiencing is an administration who’s not very sure as to whether they indeed won the August 2016 General elections. They luck administrative confidence and zeal to sale their acquired mandate. The tragedy of the current PF administration is to govern through the use of force and the mandate of the discredited police force. Most importantly to force the Zambian populace to think and act uniformly,” Changala stated.

Meanwhile, Changala stated that it was shameless for the PF to expect everyone who supported them not to differ with them.

“I want to remind those who think cyber bullying is their preserve. Others think we have no right to hold opinion on national matters unless you agree with them. When you differ with the powerful, it is because they did not give you a job. In other words you must agree with the powerful even if they are doing wrong things because you supported them in the first place. Because you supported them you must allow them to do whatever they want and you as supporter must render yourself irrelevant after the ballot. In other words you must send your brain on recess and ignore every wrong and felon,” he stated.

“These so called hardcore supporters of PF are not privy to any political dynamics at play. They’re deliberately left out of the loop by their so called angelic leadership. They have no clue of what their beloved leadership are doing or not doing for the country. All what motivates them is their tribal supremacy and nothing else. They live on social media to defend the indefensible deliberately attaching the truth and reality. Shame on you. When the night turns into the day, all of you will run away. You will have nothing to defend but shame and stupidity of your own making. At that point you will appreciate the critical need for criticism and divergent views.”

Changala said whilst supporting PF was allowed, he was worried that “a country of zombies” would emerge.

“Supporting PF is totally allowed, my worry is when others are not allowed to operate outside the PF box. I don’t agree to a creation of a country of zombies. The truth be told, the dividing victory line between PF and UPND is a mare 100,000 or minus votes. My take is the losing divide is totally blacked out and criminalized. Then, the sad story is the victor is pompous and uncomfortable to massage the vanquished so as to foster unity and brotherhood in national interest,” he said.

“Cyber bullies beware that you are growing old and yet unproductive in terms of positive human resourceful contributions to the development of this great country. Just see the financial gap between you and the new leadership. Check their life style. And yet you spend your valuable time on social media insulting those in the know. Shame on you.”

He claimed he had turned down jobs from former president Levy Mwanawasa and President Lungu.

“Brebner Changala does not need any job from any political administration or government. For the benefit of all the doubting Thomas. Brebner Changala has been recognized and honored by the Mwanawasa administration and recently by the Edgar Changwa Lungu administration to serve in Government of the Republic of Zambia. In all instances Brebner has gracefully declined on account of personal assessment and suitability, late alone competence to serve to the fullest benefit of our great country,” stated Changala.