Freedom Fighter Simon Zukas says Zambia is in a very bad state and at the rate the country is going, it will soon take a downturn.

And Zukas says it was unfair for police to detain United Progressive People (UPP) president Saviour Chishimba over the long weekend without bail.

In an interview with News Diggers! after he visited Chishimba at Woodlands Police Station yesterday, Zukas said the country was in a bad state.

“We are in a very bad state. The way we are going as a country under the threatened state of emergency, very soon our economy will take a down turn,” Zukas said.

And speaking to journalists earlier, Zukas complained that his friend was being detained unnecessarily by police.

“Well, I thought he needed some support so I decided to come and see him and I also brought him some food but he is not taking food during the day, he is fasting and he only eats in the evening. But what I could see was that he in good spirit although what happened to him I feel was unfair,” Zukas said.

“You know they detained him on Friday and if they wanted to deal with him they should have charged him right away, so that he could get bail. Now they kept him for the long weekend, he has just been there. He is in there with some people about 11 or 12 people whom they are keeping.”

Meanwhile, UPP interim president Oscar Kabaghe said his party was expecting the court to release Chishimba on bail.

“He (Chishimba) is expected to appear in Court tomorrow and an application can be done for a bail. The other thing I need to mention to the general public is that the President is alright, he is in high spirits and encouraging all of us to continue to soldier on,” said Kabaghe.

“And we maintain our position as a party that the UPP will continue to fight corruption because corruption is evil and it is a negativity against development. There is no economic development that can take place in this country without the fight against corruption.”