UNZA Vice-Chancellor Luke Mumba says he gets shocked when highly educated people ask the learning institution to withhold results of owing students, saying the university does not write exams on the chalk board.

Professor Mumba told journalists at a briefing today that only 4009 out of 8000 owing students will be allowed to sit for exams because they are the only ones who paid the required amount to be registered.

“I sometimes get perplexed and wonder when I hear very educated eminent people in society say ‘give them a chance, you will withhold the results’, in the university we don’t write exams on the chalk board. Exams require tones and tones of stationary, paper, cartridges to print those exams. For people who have not been to the university, for every person, there are not less than two exam papers in some cases three or four exam papers but we also produce special booklets where students have to write their exams. All those things cost money,” Prof Mumba explained.

“Never mind the arguments that the university should not be dependant on students fees, they must venture into business and so forth, that is not for today, business ventures take time to mature, it is for three four years from now but we have an immediate problem to resolve here [and] it is to accomplish 2016 academic year and the budget is 69 per cent institution fees.”