Chilufya Tayali says he will tomorrow go to Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja’s office to tell him that he has failed.

And Tayali says he will also protest against the criminalization of former police commissioner Fanwell Siandenge even though the charges he would have been slapped with have been neutralized by the High Court.

Meanwhile, the UPND thanksgiving prayers for Hakainde Hichilema’s release will go ahead tomorrow after Minister of National Guidance Reverand Godfridah Sumaili overruled police.

In an interview with News Diggers! shortly after he announced that police had granted him permission to hold a lone protest against Kanganja and the police, Tayali said he would march from the Freedom Statue to the Police Chief’s office at Force Headquarters.

“I will go and give the petition right in the office of the Inspector General, I am going to tell him that he has failed, he has let us down,” Tayali, who is Economic and Equity Party leader, said.

He observed that police granted him the permit because they were in a corner.

“They are in a corner, they know that even if they denied us a permit, we would continue talking. Kanganja may not go tomorrow but at least there will be public awareness that some of these things are wrong. I want to protest against police incompetence and the inefficiency of the police.”

And Tayali said he would protest against the witch hunt against Siandenge.

“I will be protesting against unlawful arrests, unlawful detention, police brutality, unfair application of the public order Act and of course about Siandenge whom they have criminalized over a case which has already been disposed off,” said Tayali.

Police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo recently said there was still a bounty on Siandenge’s head even though Obvious Mwaliteta and others whom he was accused of carrying out an aggravated robbery operation had been freed by the High Court.

Meanwhile, the UPND thanksgiving prayers for HH’s release will go ahead tomorrow.

According to an invite sent out by City of Refuge overseer Pastor Kangwa Chileshe, the prayers will commence at 14:00 hours and end at 16:00 at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross.