Zesco has reminded consumers that it will effect the remaining 25 per cent increment on electricity tariffs tomorrow, September 1, 2017.

In an interview today, Zesco Spokesperson, Henry Kapata said the remaining 25 per cent increment of the 75 per cent approved by the Energy Regulation Board would come into effect at midnight tonight.

He explained that this meant that residential customers would be buying 89 Ngwee per unit from the current 77 Ngwee per unit.

Kapata however explained that the first 200 units would remain at 15 Ngwee per unit as opposed to reports that it had also been increased.

Kapata also said that commercial tariffs had moved from 47 to 54 Ngwee per unit, while social services such as schools and hospitals had moved from 42 to 49 Ngwee per unit.

Zesco had effected a 50 per cent increment on May 15, 2017.