Patriotic Front Media Director Sunday Chanda has warned that Chishimba Kambwili will become a political casualty with his strategy of taking on President Edgar Lungu punch for punch.

Yesterday, the expelled Roan PF member of parliament held a press briefing at which he declared that he would exert pressure on President Lungu so that he could “pull up his socks”.

He also said he would take on the Head of State punch for punch as he was not intimidated by his threatening and demeaning statements against him.

“For those who know Chishimba Kambwili, I can exert pressure and I have started exerting pressure on President Edgar Lungu so that he gets up, pulls up his socks and start working for the people of Zambia other than traveling every time. Yes we know traveling is part of your job but it’s not mandatory. I was Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Sata in the first one year of office traveled less than five times, the first one year in office he was sending Dr Guy Scott and myself to go and represent him. It is not mandatory that if there is an inauguration ceremony in Rwanda , it has to be the President to travel,” said Kambwili.

“I know that pressure makes people do things that they do not want to do. And for you Mr President, be prepared for more pressure, it is punch for punch until the living standards of our people improves. So if you expect that I am going to keep quiet because you are calling me a Kapala, you are thinking in a wrong way because what makes Chishimba Kambwili is to speak out. So Mr president please stop insulting me, stop disparaging me because for me everything I say are issues that are affecting the poor people of this country. I hope that this is the last time Mr President that you are going to Ndola Airport and call me names. I am not a Kapala, my name is Chishimba Kambwili…imbwili ni mbwili (a tiger is a tiger). Elo ndemyeba ba President tulinenu tight, wait for Parliament to open because some of the things I can not say them here I have no immunity.”

But in a statement yesterday, Chanda warned Kambwili against such an approach saying he would end up crying like a baby.

“Expelled PF Member Chishimba Kambwili’s challenge to take on Republican President Edgar Lungu ‘punch for punch’ will make him regret. His ‘punch-for-punch’ strategy will leave him as the major political casualty. Like him take this as a kind reminder before he can cry like a baby. Like in boxing, my brother Kambwili will get a good whipping for his big mouth. He may have the loudest and biggest mouth, but his statements are incoherent. Kambwili cannot sustain an argument for four weeks because he’s politically athletic. He lacks originality, Kambwili still wants to be an imitation of the late patriarch of the Patriotic Front Michael Chilufya Sata. He is not original. There was one Sata and there will never be another. Zambians loved him for his originality and Kambwili’s imitation does not strike the Sata cord. Zambians have listened to the original and they have no appetite for an imitation,” Chanda stated.

“He’s far from being original and we know too well how to put ‘fake products’ to quality tastes. May he be ready to taste his own medicine after we respond to him. We therefore welcome his challenge for a punch for punch. Once more, we can only hope he will not cry like someone stung by a bee very soon.”

He said the party was game for Kambwili.

“The last politician who attempted the ‘punch for punch’ line was Pastor Nevers Mumba against late President Sata. As all Zambians know, he was whipped for having a big mouth. We are game for Kambwili and maybe it will dawn on him that his greatest enemy is his mouth – he opens it and puts his foot into it,” stated Chanda.