In this audio, Copperbelt Province minister Bowman Lusambo says Roan member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili is behaving like a mad dog.

And Lusambo threatens to release a dossier on Kambwili’s corrupt activities.

But Kambwili calls Lusambo a lunatic whom he cannot greet.

Speaking when he featured on Radio Phoenix’s Let the People Talk today, Lusambo said Kambwili had become desperate and bitter after being fired.

“Imbwa nga yapena iyafye ilesumaula bantu (when a dog goes mad, it goes around biting people) so the only way to stop that dog from biting people is by asking the veterinary officers to come and cripple it. There is nothing like what honourable Kambwili is talking about because if there anything like it, Kambwili was in government just yesterday sitting in Cabinet next to the President, he had access to the President 24/7 and if he wanted to advice the President, he should have advised him then. If he wanted to talk about the corruption which he is talking about today, he would have talked about it when he was in government. And the people of Zambia could have taken him seriously but what is happening now is that Kambwili is desperate and bitter because he was fired from a position that he was using to bulldoze in a lot of works on the Copeprbelt,” Lusambo said.

Lusambo advised Zambians not waste their time listening to Kambwili saying if the Roan parliamentarian was serious about corruption, he could have exposed it while in government.

“Kambwili has even moved that he wants to be President, I don’t even know where that will be because Zambia cannot have a mad President. But I can assure you that Kambwili is just frustrated and I want to appeal to the people of Zambia not to waste their time to start listening to Kambwili’s issues because if he really knew that there was corruption in Edgar Lungu’s government, he would have pointed out all those issues when he was still in government but he wants to show the people as if he the most intelligent person now that out of government? No, Kambwili should not even be claiming that he is as clean as Dr [Kenneth] Kaunda’s handkerchief, we know that he has been court concerning bad activities on the Copperbelt and I can assure him that I know a lot about Kambwili and he is just a human being like any other person, he can’t boast that he is as clean as Dr Kaunda’s handkerchief, he is just fooling himself and he is an embarrassment to himself, his soul and to his family,” Lusambo said.

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And Lusambo said he would soon release a dossier to expose Kambwili’s corrupt activities.

“I don’t have to ask other people about Kambwili because I know him within myself and very soon I am going to release a dossier about him which I want him to come and deny because he can’t be behaving like a mad dog and the people of Zambia should differentiate between leaders and jokers. Kambwili is joking and there is nothing that Zambians should take serious about him. Luchi (Let the People Talk host) just go to Luanshya, I was just coming from there and for a person who has claimed that he has a lot of money to enable him go to London to have tea and come back, go and see how the people who voted for him are suffering. He has failed to give even women empowerment to the women in his constituency, and he wants people to start worshiping him. There is nothing he has done in Luanshya, there is no development,” said Lusambo.

Meanwhile, when Kambwili called the station to defend himself, he called Lusambo a lunatic.

“I don’t greet lunatics excuse me, that chap (Lusambo) on the radio is a lunatic. Let me say this Luchi, where I come from they say ‘uwawa tabula kabepesho (one who has fallen will always find an excuse). If that chap Bowman Lusambo has got a dossier of what I have done, I can challenge him that I can pay for a radio programme for him this afternoon to bring all the things that he thinks I have done and for him to go to the police and Anti corruption commission to report me. Me I am raising specific issues, Bowman went and lied to the people of Chingola that Mwanawasa gave him an open pit mine in the area that he was working wtih Edgar Lungu so that he can get close to Lungu and they got $1million from those poor people of which Bowman got $250 from that amount and I have got the file with me about that information,” said Kambwili.

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