In this video, Minister of National Planning Development Lucky Mulusa mocks the 42 fire tenders which government recently acquired at a cost of US$42 million, saying they look like wheelbarrows compared to the high-end fire truck which Liverpool City bought at the same price.

Mulusa who is a nominated member of parliament also laughed at how his fellow ministers were struggling to justify the cost of the fire trucks to the public.

“Perhaps we should have given better explanations than the explanations which seem contradictory, which seem not to be making sense to members of the public. We should have probably done an appraisal on fires tenders,” Mulusa said while laughing.

“I see my colleagues struggling to justify [the purchase]. Now we know Liverpool has this one million dollar machine. When you see it on social media, and you look at ours, it looks like a wheelbarrow…”

Watch the video courtesy of CBC News.