Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila says the UPND must stop deceiving people in their strongholds that they are behind development projects being rolled out by government.

And Mwila has told party officials to embark of vigorous party mobilization because time is running out.

Addressing party members in Mulobezi yesterday, Mwila said the UPND had no president for them to deliver development.

“This development you are witnessing is being brought to you by Patriotic Front and His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu. Where can UPND get this development and bring it to you? UPND has no government of its own and can therefore not bring any development here. UPND has no President, so let them stop confusing innocent people. So as PF structures, go out and tell people the truth. It’s President Lungu and PF delivering in line with the 2016-2021 manifesto,” Mwila said.

“ The district commissioner is ours, you tell the people what programmes government is bringing, don’t leave it to the UPND, they have no programme, they don’t have a president. The council chairman is paid by the council, the district commissioner is also paid by government. The two can come up with a programme and visit all the wards, these are concerns of the people. You have nothing to lose if you visit those people because you have four years to prove that you can be reelected.”

And Mwila asked party officials to embark of party mobilization programmes as time was running out.

“I want to thank you for the job that you did, for the votes that we got from Mulobezi because you contributed to the presidential vote so on behalf of the President and the party, I just want to thank you most sincerely but continue mobilizing our party, time is not with us,” said Mwila.