UPND will never produce a President until Jesus comes, says PF secretary general Davies Mwila.

And Mwila has warned non functioning party officials that they will lose their positions if they fail to perform.

Addressing party officials in Kalabo district of Western Province today, Mwila wondered why voters in that area insisted on voting for a party which was constantly losing elections.

“UPND will never produce a President until Jesus comes! 2001, it was Anderson Kambela Mazoka who tried, after that, when he died, HH took over, he lost in 2006 to Levy Mwanawasa, in 2008, he lost to Rupiah Banda. In 2011, he lost to Michael Sata, in 2015, he lost to Edgar Lungu, in 2016, he lost to Edgar Lungu,” Mwila said.

“Even if you have confidence in him, how can you be voting for him for more than five times?”

Mwila charged that the UPND manifesto was full of lies, saying it was not possible for anyone to introduce free education from grade one to grade 12.

“You will have to see development with your own eyes, that is the only basis for voting for us, what else? What else? It is not possible that someone can introduce free education from grade one to the university, it is a lie! And the constituency chairman, you even listen to them, they are liars! Why is it that Zambia has got 10 provinces, they have failed to convince other provinces, why? Because they are liars!” Mwila exclaimedW.

“I want a woman then I start telling her that ‘I will give you four children at one time, is that possible? You should know, this man is a liar! So colleagues, let’s stand up, let’s not act as if we don’t have a President, you have a President from PF, you can sit like people who are at a funeral when you don’t have a president, you have ministers, permanent secretaries, what else do people want to see?”

And Mwila warned that non functioning party officials would be dropped.

“So colleagues, our job is to mobilize the party that is the reason why you are in these positions, you are not there for prestige, it is to work. We have come with party registers, they are there. If you fail three times like HH, how can you continue as chairman?” Mwila asked.

“You have to get ready because all these people who you are seeing from the wards, they also want to come to the constituency. The ones from the constituency they want to come to the district. So these positions as at now they look useless but when we reach that time, that’s when you will see that these positions are very important. Because a chairman in a ruling party is very important, you can knock anywhere.”

He said it was their duty to explain government policies to the people.

“The party is there to explain government policies and programmes, you have to tell the people of Kalabo that it is PF government which is doing the Kalabo-Congo road. We have done a lot in Western Province as a party, I can mention, Father Bwalya spoke about Mongu-Kalabo road, that is the most expensive road here in Zambia. We are doing Kalabo-Sikongo road, we are doing Sioma-Shang’ombo road, what else do people want? Do they want development or do they just want that people can just come and tell them lies?” asked Mwila.

Meanwhile, according to a statement issued by PF media director Sunday Chanda, Kalabo District Commissioner Fredah Luhila applauded President Edgar Lungu for the development taking place in the district, citing the Kalabo-Sikongo road.

“Kalabo is happy that the government attained 4.17 growth rate. A stronger economy coupled with good infrastructure on Kalabo-Mongu road reduced prices of commodities, for example, 50kg bag of maize price dropped from K160 to K80/K85/K110. Mealie Meal dropped from K120 to K65 and K70 for Roller Meal and Breakfast meal,” said Luhila.

“The Kalabo -Sikongo road construction will boost trade in Kalabo and Sikongo.”