Police say there was an increase in Gender Based Violence cases reported in 2017 to 5,096 from 4,235 which were reported in 2016.

Giving GBV statistics for the third quarter of this year in a statement today, Police Spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo revealed that 55 murder cases were recorded from January to September.

“During the third quarter of 2017, the police recorded 5,096 cases of Gender Based Violence (GBV) reported countrywide compared to 4,235 GBV cases recorded during the same period in 2016. The country recorded 17 murder cases out of which seven (07) were male victims, nine (09) female adults victims and 1 girl. One (01) attempted murder and four (04) cases of infanticide were also recorded countrywide. Total murder cases recorded from January, 2017 to September, 2017 is 55 cases against 41 cases recorded during the same period in 2016 translating to an increase of 14 cases or 25.5%,” Katongo stated.

“Further, 1,644 cases of Assault OABH were recorded translating to 32.3% of the reported cases of which 1,359 were female victims translating to 82.7% of the reported Assault OABH cases, while 285 were male victims at 17.3%. Central Province recorded the highest figure of Assault OABH cases with 320, followed by Lusaka which had 288 while Copperbelt was third with 249 reported cases, Eastern had 209, Western had 150, North Western had 111, Southern with 98, Muchinga 95 while Northern and Luapula had 49 and 35 reported cases respectively. A comparison with 2016 from first to third quarter shows that the country recorded 4,566 cases of Assault OABH compared to 5,253 cases recorded this year in the same period translating to an increase by 687 cases or 13.1%.”

Katongo stated that 1,538 cases representing 30.2% were withdrawn at various police stations while 2,979 representing 58.4% were still under investigations.

She stated that there were more GBV reports this year than last year.

“The total number of GBV cases reported country wide from the first quarter to the third quarter of 2017 is 16,090 cases compared to 13,092 GBV cases in 2016 during the same period giving an increase of 2,998 cases or 18.6% increase. There is an increase in physical type of Gender Based Violence cases such as Assault OABH, unlawful wounding and murder. People should learn to exercise restraint and patience in their marriages or affairs unlike getting physical every time they differ. In a healthy relationship, communication is paramount,” she stated.

“A total of 42 cases of Unlawful Wounding were recorded during this year’s third quarter out of which 16 victims were male adults, 25 female adults and one (01) boy. With regards to Assault on a Child cases, the country recorded 54 cases out of which 30 victims were boys and 24 girls. Out of the reported cases in the period under review, 579 cases representing 11.4% were taken to court resulting in 64 convictions, one (01) acquittal, 31 withdraws while 483 cases are still pending in courts of law.”

Meanwhile, Katongo stated that there was a decrease in defilement cases.

“A total of 416 child defilement cases were reported countrywide representing 8.2% of the reported cases and all victims were girls compared to 2016 which had 615 cases of Child Defilement. Lusaka Province recorded the highest number of defilement cases with 136 cases translating to 32.7% of the reported defilement cases, Central recorded 50 cases, Eastern recorded 44 cases, Copperbelt 42cases, Southern Province 39 cases, North Western had 27 cases, while Muchinga and Luapula had 26 cases each. Northern Province had 11 cases while Western with nine (09) cases. From first to third quarter of 2017, the country recorded a total of 1,466 defilement cases against 1,634 cases in 2016 translating to a reduction of 168 cases or 10.3%. The country also recorded 9 cases of Defilement of imbeciles or persons with mental illness,” stated Katongo.

“80 cases of Rape, 12 attempted Rape and 22 indecent Assault cases were also recorded during the period under review. 20 cases of incest were reported out of which14 were females and six (06) girl victims. Also recorded were five (05) cases of unnatural offences out of which three (03) were female victims, one (01) male adult and one male juvenile.610 cases of Failing to Provide Necessities of Life were recorded countrywide in the 2017 third quarter representing 12% of the reported cases while Neglect to Provide Necessities recorded 237 cases translating to 4.7% of the reported cases.”