The Ministry of Water Development has engaged an Israeli based water purification company to re-test the contamination of ground water in some parts of Lusaka Province .

Ministry of Water Development, Sanitation and Environment Protection Permanent Secretary Eddie Chomba told the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) that it was the mandate of his ministry to ensure that the public was supplied with safe, quality and reliable water.

Bishop Chomba said the water samples would be tested at Sheki Sheki laboratory and the results would be out by Monday next week.

Bishop Chomba said Government intended to procure water purifying machines to be distributed across the country, and that his ministry would take a leading role in sensitising people on basic hygiene practices such as washing hands with soap.

“Our officers are on the ground now taking the samples and there are some who are testing the waters at Sheki Sheki laboratory where we have a laboratory for water development. So we are now calling all the people to work with us. The water bowsers that have been provided by the local government as well as our ministry is only water that they have got to take for the moment,” said Bishop Chomba.

“The government is buying that water for the people because it is not free water, and the government is supplying to the people. Whilst we are working on this, by next week, through the leadership of Her Honour the Vice-President, and the President… will be announcing and making decisions on how our people will be kept safe.”