Chishimba Kambwili says he is wondering why ZNBC decided to suspend its Copperbelt-based staffer Misheck Moyo for associating himself with NDC, when was not suspended for applying to stand as Mufulira mayor on the PF ticket in 2016.

Meanwhile, Kambwili says if a President can appoint a fool as minister, then people can assume that he is also a fool.

Recently, ZNBC suspended Moyo for “bringing the name of the institution into disrepute” after he attended a church service at St. Lawrence Catholic Church in Mufulira along with National Democratic Congress officials.

Moyo was initially transferred to Livingstone before receiving a suspension letter.

But in an interview today, Kambwili, who is NDC political consultant and PF Roan member of parliament, said Moyo had been involved in politics for a long time but wasn’t suspended because it benefitted the ruling party.

“Moyo and I campaigned for PF throughout the Copperbelt and he applied to stand as Mayor on PF ticket in the previous elections, nobody raised an issue because he was supporting PF and he was found at all PF campaign meetings, nobody raised an issue, today because he is found with Chishimba Kambwili at church it is a reason for him to be fired? You can see people of Zambia that this administration is dictatorship of the worst kind and I think they think that it is time for the party and its government and they think that those who work in government or parastatals must be PF, it can never be like that,” Kambwili said.

“We are going to find lawyers and Misheck will go to court and he who laughs last laughs the loudest. It is very unfortunate that a man comes to church and we meet at church where he goes and because of that he is dismissed from employment. One thing people should not forget is that I was Minister of Information and Moyo and I have been getting along for a long time, even when I was minister so when we met in Mufulira, we chatted and all that and by mere fact that a person was talking to me, that should not make PF jittery and have him removed.”

He observed that there were a lot of civil servants who were involved in politics.

“The Bible says ‘why do you look at a spec in your brother’s eye and leave the plank in your own eye?’ these people have suspended Moyo on the basis that he is aligning with NDC but their own Mufulira district chairperson Dr Mwale is a civil servant who works for a hospital and there are many civil servants that we know who are holding party positions in PF. We have seen district commissioners involving themselves in campaigning for PF. Even if we say civil servants should not be involved in politics, obviously, quietly, they have political parties which they belong to, they have got someone they support so on this one, someone just merely being found with me becomes an offense? It is very unfortunate. The former mayor of Luanshya Mr Mulenga was headmaster when he was mayor of Luanshya on the MMD ticket, he was never fired. Why are people behaving like this? Because you have got ministers and cadres for ministers,” Kambwili argued.

He accused Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo of instructing ZNBC to suspend Moyo.

“It is very unfortunate. We are reliably informed that Bowman Lusambo is the one who phoned ZNBC to tell them to fire Misheck Moyo and also the DC for Kitwe also phoned officials from ZNBC and the district chairman also for PF Mr Kainga also phoned ZNBC management. Three people put pressure on the ZNBC management to have Misheck Moyo suspended,” Kambwili charged.

Meanwhile, Kambwili said people could assume that a President was foolish if he appointed a fool as minister.
“The type of minister reflects the kind of President who appointed him. If you can appoint a fool, people will suspect that you may be a fool yourself as well. How can a President go and appoint a person like Bowman Lusambo as minister? Instead of working for the people, there are just billboards all over the Copperbelt. Have you ever seen that in the history of Zambia? How many ministers have mounted billboards congratulating themselves for being appointed, the whole Ndola just billboards! Anyway, when a government is nearing its end, it is evident in their deeds,” said Kambwili.