Dr Kenneth Kaunda is still in Lusaka and receiving regular updates on the Zimbabwe crisis from President Edgar Lungu, says his personal assistant Rodrick Ngolo.

Reuters reported that President Lungu had sent the First Republican President to convince his friend to step down.

“Dr Kaunda used the presidential jet and has already arrived in Harare,” Reuters quoted a senior government source.

But in an interview with News Diggers! today, Ngolo said Dr Kaunda had not yet been sent.

“Those are just rumours which have been circulating, His Excellency Dr Kaunda is still around, he is still in Lusaka. He hasn’t travelled to Zimbabwe,” said Ngolo.

Asked if he was expected to travel, Ngolo said; “it depends on the Republican President if he will be able to send him. Otherwise what has been happening is that he has just been updating him on the unfolding events in Zimbabwe. Right now he is still at home.”