Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja has cancelled all forms of leave for his officers in order to conduct successful crime prevention activities during the festive period.

In a statement today, Kanganja announced that all provincial commanders had deployed enough officers to conduct patrols in crime prone areas.

“To ensure that people celebrate their festivities in a more favorable and crime free environment, the Zambia Police have put in place stringent and adequate security measures throughout the country. All Provincial Commanders have adequately planned for this festive period in their respective Provinces and have deployed enough Police Officers to conduct both foot and motorised patrols in all crime prone areas. I have forthwith cancelled all forms of leave so as to increase on the levels of manpower to enable our institution achieve our objective of carrying out successful crime prevention activities,” Kanganja stated.

He advised motorists to observe road traffic rules.

“We have also embarked on joint operations with all our stakeholders in enforcement of road traffic rules and regulations so as to ensure utmost safety on our roads. I urge all motorists to observe road traffic rules and regulations in order to avoid preventable accidents and loss of life. We will continue bringing sanity on our roads by conducting snap checks in strategic areas with a view of monitoring and promoting compliance with the provisions of the Road Traffic Act,” he stated.

And Kanganja revealed that police had recorded a decrease in criminal cases.

“As we come to the close of the year 2017, I wish to thank members of the public for their unwavering support rendered to the Zambia Police in combating crime during this ending year. Crime prevention as everyone may be aware is a collective responsibility which requires concerted effort from all sections of society beginning from an individual level. I wish to announce that with the continued support received from the general public and dedication of our officers, the Zambia Police have yet again managed to further reduce incidences of crime this year. Statistically, from first quarter to third quarter of 2017, the country recorded a total of 44,555 criminal cases compared to last year during the same period where 44,771criminal cases recorded last year representing a reduction by 216 cases representing 0.48 percent,” he stated.

“For us to sustain this status quo, there is need for continued collaboration between the Police and the general public as it is not disputable that crime affects everyone irrespective of status in society.”

He advised people to be security cautious during the festive season.

“As we approach the festive season where most of the people are in a celebratory mood, I would like to once again remind the general public on the need to be vigilant because it is during such periods that criminals also find opportunities to attack and steal from unsuspecting members of the public. I also call upon management at shopping malls and banks to put in place enough security measures at their business centers so as to guarantee the security of their clients. Members of the public should also consider their personal security as paramount by ensuring that they secure their properties and avoid exposing valuables and personal effects that may attract the attention of criminals. Those of you making cash transactions involving huge sums of money should do so from secured areas as such transactions have potential to attract the attention of criminals. Be security conscious and mindful of suspicious looking people idling at such places and report them to the nearest Police or Bank personnel,” stated Kanganja.

“On behalf of the Zambia Police Service, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Crime-Free 2018.”