In this video, Police beat up one of the Copperbelt University Students whom they arrested in the early hours of yesterday.

On Friday night, CBU students protested after news went round that vice-chancellor Naison Ngoma had suspended COBUSU and payment of meal allowances had been suspended indefinitely.

CBU students told News Diggers! that officers raided the campus and brutalised them, breaking down several doors and arrested 53.

But Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga denied the allegations, saying police did not beat up any student.

“No I can’t confirm that police were beating up students but what I know what happened, I can say between yesterday and this morning, police had gone there to keep vigil of the situation of the unrest at the same place. And when they [police] had assembled after they saw that the situation was quiet and they were trying to go away [but] they [students] started throwing stones. And that’s how students were pursued and apprehended. One police officer was even injured on the arm…And 53 students were arrested. No, to the best of my knowledge, there was no student who was injured. Pursuing them yes they pursued them. If they pursue them and they run to the room, they have a right to pursue them,” said Katanga.

However, in the video, about five officers are seen ganging up against a defenseless student.

Take a look: