Opposition All People’s Congress Party leader Nason Msoni says the current happenings in the country vindicate late president Michael Sata who once stated that he had useless ministers.

Commenting on the wastage of public resources through procurement of expired drugs, Msoni said the failures Sata left behind were proving to be disastrous.

“When the Late President Micheal Sata, may his soul rest in peace, said his cabinet Ministers where useless without any exception, he surly was on firm ground and has been vindicated posthumously,”

“The failures he left behind with us have been a total disaster. He clearly understood the level and calibre of his followers.”

He added that the late president must have faced difficulties in deciding who would succeed him, from the useless personnel.

“Although in the end he still had to make a tough decision on who to succeed him under very difficult and extenuating circumstances from the same useless personnel which was at his disposal at the time.”

“How can a government procure expired drugs for US$10 million dollars and there is no action taken or anyone taking responsibility or anyone being fired from his position?” Msoni asked.

He said it was sad that people were dying in hospitals while government was wasting money on expired drugs.

“As a consequence to this fraudulent purchase and misconduct just how many citizens have lost lives due to lack of drugs in our hospitals? It is prudent for citizens to switch on and reject this foolishness,” said Msoni.