National Democratic Congress Northern Province chairperson Francis Chileshe says the party’s growth in the region is rapid.

In an interview yesterday, Chileshe boasted that the party’s political consultant Chishimba Kambwili’s influence was making people flock to the party.

“The growth is quite rapid, the response is overwhelming. People like the party due to the influence of our consultant honourable Kambwili,” Chileshe boasted.

The NDC provincial chairperson disclosed that the party already had a presence in almost all districts of the province

“Already we are on the ground in Luwingu and I think you heard in Mporokoso we are there, Kaputa we are there but maybe because of distance we have not yet reached Nsama. But we are there in Nakonde, we are there in Mbala, we are there in Mpulungu, maybe the other place we are yet to reach is Chilubi,” he said.

Chileshe said his party would continue mobilising despite violence instigated by ruling party supporters whom he said wanted to suppress every voice in the country

“The PF violence is usual. You know these guys the PF government, they are living in denial, they are in fear especially that we have formed the NDC. They are living in fear because they know the impact of Honourable Kambwili, they know the force that Kambwili is able to exert on PF, they are in panic mode. And that’s why you find that they are going around to discredit the opposition, they are actually under threat,” said Chileshe.

“The PF is a violent party naturally, they are always trying to suppress every voice in this country. But we are not going to slumber, we’ll continue to forge ahead and fight. We know what they are doing because they are already in trouble.”