Police in Western Province have opened a Defamation of the President docket against a soldier of Luena Barracks for allegedly insulting President Edgar Lungu.

Western Province police commissioner Charles Lungu confirmed this in an interview yesterday.

“That issue apparently happened on Saturday morning around 08:00 hours when this soldier was visibly drank and in uniform. So when members of the community there questioned why he was drank and in uniform an altercation ensued and that is how he insulted the President. So we have opened a docket of Defamation of the President. This officer is a sergent at Luena Barracks by the name of Sergeant Moonga Kachimba. At the moment we are still looking for him, he is on the run, he doesn’t go for work. He is not even at his house, he has bolted, he knows the offense which he committed,” Lungu said.

Asked what insults Kachimba is alleged to have uttered, Lungu said he could not repeat them.

“I don’t insult, I cannot repeat what he said. It is like you are telling your father that this one said this and this, then even you you are insulting. When they are reading facts in court, that’s when the court will read out what he said,” said Lungu.