Some politicians just want to make a name, that’s why you see them fighting to be in front of the camera, says Lusaka Mayor Wilson Kalumba.

And Kalumba claims President Edgar Lungu did not say “I am happy the mayor is now awake” at Heroes Stadium, Tuesday, because they were together.

Meanwhile, Kalumba says the Lusaka City Council radio station will be established this year.

In an interview, Kalumba said he did not need to document his work on camera.

“You see, it’s not always that we manage things by camera. Some of these politicians want to make a name. That’s why you see them fighting to be in front of the camera,” Kalumba said.

Kalumba said if the told people to drink boiled water, there was no need for him to repeat it.

“But what’s important is our contributions in our offices. If I go to the meeting I don’t have to say ‘I went for a meeting’. So on this task, we know there is a task force headed by the Ministry of Health, and of course Local Government Ministry and Lusaka City Council. But when it comes to the issue of media, it has been given to the Ministry of Health. So if the minister says something, I don’t have to repeat it as mayor. They may tell you drink boiled water and if the minister says it are you going to wait for the mayor to say it? You can’t, isn’t it?” Kalumba asked.

“I’m there. What they [people] are missing is that there is a multi sectorial task force headed by the Ministry of Health. If the mayor hasn’t spoken, the ministry has spoken, you just listen to him. You want also the mayor’s voice? I follow what’s happening, I attend meetings, basically I’m part of the multi sectorial task force. The only thing is that media has to be managed. And what we have agreed as a multi sectorial task force at the Ministry of Health is to leave it the media function,” he said.

And commenting on President Lungu’s remarks that he was happy the mayor was now awake, Kalumba claimed the Head of State never uttered those words.

“Are you sure? Where did he say that? No. I was there, he didn’t say mayor, he didn’t say that. He said this is the mayor and this is the council. Those are his words because I heard him say,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kalumba said the radio station at Lusaka City Council would be set up this year.

“We just announced [setting up a radio station]. We will do it this year. It’s nothing expensive. There are a lot of radio stations around. So it’s not a big deal we are going to do it this year,” said Kalumba.